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 When small businesses have to deal with Big Government, the playing field is anything but level. The government is Goliath, and you are David. The Small Business Law Center® can provide the slingshot – and the rock – that you need.

Whether your business is faced with potential regulatory action and fines, is navigating a labyrinth of licensing requirements, or is trying to comply with ever-increasing government regulations, we can help. The Small Business Law Center® is experienced in dealing with government agencies and regulators, and can help owners stay in compliance with applicable laws or negotiate more favorable terms when they run afoul of them.

Dealing with the government is a time-consuming and frustrating process, and your time is better spent running your business. If you have a compliance issue or licensing requirement, or simply need help figuring out what the government requires of you, call us for a free consultation. We’ll help you stay out of trouble, or help you get out of it if you’re already there.

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Our mission is to provide affordable legal representation and counsel, combined with practical business sense and exceptional customer service, to small businesses and their owners.

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