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You’ve supplied the goods or performed the work, and now you want to be paid. Your customer, however, sends excuses instead of money, or won’t even return your calls. The Small Business Law Center® has proven techniques to deal with delinquent accounts and collect your money, often without the need for a lawsuit. We are more effective and less expensive than traditional collection agents, and your account gets the personal attention it deserves, rather than being just one of thousands.

Unlike wine, bad debt does not get better with age. The sooner you take action, the better your chances of being paid. Your delinquent customers may have a genuine desire to pay you, but are struggling to come up with the needed cash. In those cases, we can help negotiate affordable repayment terms that will get you paid over time. But for those customers who just want to take advantage of you, we will help you enforce your rights in court.

Cash is King for a small business, and cash flow depends on being paid as agreed. If that’s not happening for your business, call us today for a free consultation on how to collect the money you’re owed.

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Our mission is to provide affordable legal representation and counsel, combined with practical business sense and exceptional customer service, to small businesses and their owners.

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