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Many small businesses just need some breathing room.  They survived the Great Recession, but it left them debilitated, with reduced revenues and increased debt.  Since banks were not lending, the owners often turned to the only source of financing available to them – credit card debt.  Now they are struggling to simply pay the mounting interest and fees on that debt. They feel like they are treading water and are about to drown.

The Small Business Law Center® has helped numerous businesses prioritize their debt, conserve their cash, and negotiate more favorable terms with their creditors.  We give small business owners the advice, and the time, that they need to turn their businesses around.  Everything is negotiable these days, and creditors know that their best chance of being repaid at least some of their money is to work with small businesses and help them stay in business.  The Small Business Law Center® has extensive experience in dealing with creditors, and helping small businesses live to fight another day.

If your business is struggling under oppressive debt, call us to schedule a free consultation. There are always options, and we can help you find the best ones for your situation.

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