For some small businesses, restructuring their debt outside of bankruptcy may not be feasible or desirable.  The weight of their debt may be too crushing, or their creditors too unyielding, or their cash flow too depleted.  Or the owners may be burned-out after years of struggling, and want simply to walk away from the debris of their failed business and obtain a fresh start for their lives.

The Bankruptcy Code was enacted to foster entrepreneurship.  Our lawmakers recognized that few people would start businesses if they faced the prospect of a lifetime of debt if the business were to fail.  The Bankruptcy Code offers small business owners an opportunity to restructure their debt free from lawsuits and harassment by their creditors.  The Code can also allow owners to obtain a full discharge of their debts and get a much-needed fresh start financially.

Entrepreneurs are risk takers.  Unfortunately, not all risks pay off.  When that happens, there is relief available for those who had the courage to risk it all.  The Small Business Law Center® has extensive experience in counseling both small business owners and consumers through the bankruptcy process and helping them obtain the fresh start that they deserve.

If you are tired of fighting with creditors and in need of a fresh financial start, call us to schedule a free consultation so that we can help you decide whether bankruptcy is the best option for you.

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