After the Great Recession, many small businesses found their resources severely depleted. As a result, they had trouble paying their bills and perhaps even their taxes. Their business is still viable, but they need some relief from their creditors and the taxman while they turn things around. For others, the business is too far gone and the owners are burnt out. They want to walk away from the failed business and get on with their lives. Whatever the situation, The Small Business Law Center can help find the right solution and appropriate relief, whether through negotiation with creditors and taxing authorities or a fresh start under the federal bankruptcy code.

We give small business owners the advice, and the time, that they need to turn their businesses around.

The Bankruptcy Code offers small business owners an opportunity to restructure their debt free from lawsuits and harassment by their creditors.

If you have unpaid taxes and a big federal or state tax bill, The Small Business Law Center ® can help.  We have negotiated settlements and repayment plans for numerous small business owners with tax problems.

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