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We know that running a small business is hard work, and our goal is to help make it a little easier.

Startup business conceptThe choice of your business structure is an important decision and can have significant liability and tax consequences.

We can explain the different options available and help you make an informed decision to protect your personal assets, as well as assisting you with all of the legal details of starting a business.  If a Limited Liability Company is most appropriate for you, we can form the LLC and prepare the Operating Agreement required for you and your partners, as well as handle necessary tax filings, license requirements, and so on.  With the help of The Small Business Law Center, you can focus on the most important challenge for startups - getting clients and making sales - and leave the legal details to us.

hispanic woman doing budget in fashion designer atelierSmall businesses never plan to fail, so they seldom plan for failure.

Unfortunately for small businesses, failure is all too often an option. With that in mind, The Small Business Law Center can advise you on measures that you should take to protect the personal assets of you and your spouse in case the worst occurs and your business is forced to close.  With proper planning, the failure of a small business need not be a financial train wreck for the owners.

Female cashier giving receipt working in cafeEmployees are usually the most valuable assets of a small business, but also the most challenging.  

Having employees brings with it hiring and firing issues, benefit programs, unemployment claims, payroll taxes, family leave issues, and a host of other potential problems.  Whether you need to defend a claim from a former employee, or you want a noncompete for the new salesman you are hiring, The Small Business Law Center can help you manage your growing work force.

business lawWith the prolonged recession, many small businesses have found it harder to collect the money owed to them.

More of their customers have become either slow pay or no pay.  The Small Business Law Center has a proven record of aggressive and effective debt collection.  Often simply a demand letter from us lets your delinquent customers know that you mean business.  If they truly want to pay their debt but are unable to, we can negotiate a repayment plan acceptable to you and document it with a promissory note.  If needed, we will represent you in court to collect the money you earned.  Our flexible fee structure makes it affordable for you to collect your delinquent accounts and, with proper contract documents, you can usually recover your collection costs as well.

Managing family businessIn this economy, many small businesses are struggling with debt and falling behind on their payments.

Sales are down, cash is scarce, and unpaid bills are piling up.  Increasing creditor calls distract you from getting your business back on track.  We can help get you the time you need to survive and turn your business around.  The Small Business Law Center has extensive experience in dealing with creditors.  We will help you prioritize your debt and conserve cash.  We will intercede with your creditors to stop the harassing calls and negotiate a reduction in debt and/or a repayment schedule that is realistic.  Since our fees can usually be paid out of the savings realized, debt renegotiation is an affordable solution for a struggling business.

bankruptcy courtOver 4.3 million small businesses closed their doors in the last year.

If your business is in danger of joining that group, we can help you either turn the business around (see Debt Renegotiation above) or plan an orderly wind down to satisfy statutory requirements and minimize the risk to your personal assets.  The closure of a small business is painful enough for everyone involved. With the help of The Small Business Law Center, you can put the pain behind you as quickly as possible and get on with your life.

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